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12.50 - On Sale

PLEASE READ before you buy:
Each T-Shirt costs 12.50 Euro. Choose from the list below and check your size.
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1. PUNISHER - "Battle of Grace", (album cover), TS
Asia Size XL (72cm x 53cm)
Fits like European L.

2. PUNISHER - "Battle of Grace", (with Sandclock), TS
Asia Size XL (73cm x 53cm).
Fits like European L.

3. IBEX MOON - "Cathedral at Obscure Fortress", TS
Asia Size XXL (74cm x 57cm)
Fits like European XL.


  • Punisher - Battle of Grace (album cover), XL - 100% in stock
  • Punisher - Battle of Grace (sandclock), XL - 100% in stock
  • Ibex Moon - Cathedral at Obscure Fortress, 2XL - 100% in stock