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Skeletal Augury/ 骸骨占卜 (China) - Bless Of Destroyed, Tape

3.00 - On Sale

Official Tape Release of Skeletal Augury's Masterpiece "Bless of Destroyed, Raped, Dismembered Flesh".

Limited on 200 handnumbered copies, including Logo Sticker.
Printed on cardboard paper. White Tape with black print. Pro done Release.


1. Gathered at Jazreel (Silence of Prometheus)
2. Winds of Black Vomit Angel
3. Lord of Damnation
4. Clown of Evil Reel
5. Black Hydra
6. Barbaric Realm
7. Stench and Twisted Lust
8. Slut of Hell
9. Dead Roars from a Cursed Pharoh

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