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[PRE ORDER] Ancestor - Lords of Destiny, Tape (out 25. February)

5.00 - On Sale

PRE ORDER - Out on 25th February!

ANCESTOR - "Lords of Destiny"

- Official pro done Tape Release
- limited to 200 handnumbered copies
- 100 red and 100 white Tapes available (choose your edition below)
- comes with a big 6 panel layout, including lyrics!

Raging Old School Thrash Metal from China!
The debut full length Album of ANCESTOR stands proud and strong against any modern influences!
The four die hard maniacs created the ultimate thrashing masterpiece in their scene:
While most kids are celebrating retro Thrash, ANCESTOR raised their fists, combined the old spirit of 1980's Sodom, Kreator and Protector with their own aggressive style.
With true passion and spirit, the guys around Vocalist/Guitarist Li Meng combined killer riffs with fast, merciless solos and a crushing drum attack!

- 100 Tapes will be distributed by the Band in Asia only!


  • red Tape - 90% in stock
  • white Tape - 97% in stock