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5x Tape Wholesale [EHP Label Releases]

Image of 5x Tape Wholesale [EHP Label Releases]

12.50 - On Sale

You can buy some of our Releases for a wholesale price.
5 copies for 12,50€

Choose from the list below:

5x Origin of Plague - Origin of Plague
5x Paganfire - The Executor is back
5x Skeletal Augury - Bless of Destroyed, Raped, Dismembered Flesh
5x Troma Tumor - The Chaos God
5x Mixed Tapes (please write in the comments).
Only these mentioned EHP Tapes, not others.
5x Sabbat/ Hellfire - Split woven Patch

Registered shipping only (9.20 Euro).
If you buy this, then your order is automatically registered.